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Linuxhelp _ Technical Support _ Blew Away the Wrong Files!

Posted by: WaltK Mar 27 2009, 11:36 PM

After using Ubuntu 8.10 for about four months and loving it I encountered a full hard disk situation. I was carefully erasing log files and other "uneeded" stuff trying to recover some disk space. I blew
away some critical files in the Boot directory (abi.2.6.27, config-2.6.27,, vmcoreinfo.2.6.27) and now cannot boot into Ubuntu. I can start from the Live CD into the generic
Ubuntu user account but my former user account is not accessible. I don't want to re-install Ubuntu because that would most likely wipe out my Documents, Pictures, and Music folders.
I know my personal files are still on the hard disk. Is there some way of accessing them so I can copy them to my second hard drive before I re-install Ubuntu? I've tried finding my
former user account using the Unix terminal but I don't see it on the disk. Am I really up the creek here??? Thanks for any suggestions.

Posted by: michaelk Mar 28 2009, 07:59 AM

You can try one of the many live CDs that contain photorec to see if you can recover the deleted files.
Not to familiar with ubuntu but have you tried using sudo to access your files?

Posted by: WaltK Mar 28 2009, 02:21 PM

Thanks for your suggestion. I downloaded PhotoRec and gave it a try but for some reason couldn't get it to start (my system was fouled up?). It does look like a great tool to have around
so I'll be trying it again when I get the system re-installed.

A suggestion on the Ubuntu Forums got me running again. It was:
- Boot to the Live CD
- Open a terminal and become root with "sudo -s"
- Mount the root partition on the hard drive
At that point I was able to see my original files and back them up to another hard drive. Then I re-installed Ubuntu.
Thanks for your help.

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