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Linuxhelp _ Technical Support _ NEED HELP, I,M LOSING MY MIND!!!(wireless problem)

Posted by: Newb2Linux Feb 5 2009, 12:44 AM

Ok so mind my grammar and spelling to start, next i am new to Ubuntu and linux (Yet it looks good and feel right for me). my problem is understanding what to do with my internet problem, i don't have access to a LAN line just a bunch of wireless connections from school and public places, I have my laptop on the duel bOOt, my laptop has a button by the power to enable/disable the wireless so i guess its built in. i need to find a way to find wireless networks in the area but the wireless button doesn't even turn on (when in linux) and i try to figure it out from internet and network set ups and i try configuring it some how on the windows side but nothing seems to want the button or card to work on linux. so my real question is how can i look for local wireless internet connections or get my button things to work on linux? what do i need to do? what can i do? i really want to continue using linux but i want to use it to its best abilities and i need to be abel to get wireless internet. Thank You i really apreceate any help or any feed back thanks once again

Posted by: Newb2Linux Feb 5 2009, 12:53 AM

Also should mention i have a mac with leopard that i can use wifi with along side my pc with windows/linux if there would be a way to download anything i need through my mac and transfer it using a thumb drive.

Posted by: michaelk Feb 5 2009, 05:39 PM

If you look at the output of the command lspci it will display information that will include the chipset of your wireless adapter. According to the following documentation it is a Broadcom device. You
have a couple of options. You might want to google to find more info.

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