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Linuxhelp _ Technical Support _ How to tell scipy where numpy is?

Posted by: DarienFox Jan 23 2009, 12:05 AM

Hi everyone,

I have numpy setup on my linux server in a custom directory (ie not the numpy default directory because I don't have root privledges), let's call the directory ~/numpy.

I am trying to install scipy in another custom directory (let's call is ~/scipy, again not the default directory) and it needs to know where this version of numpy is. There is a system wide install from someone previously and the installation just seems to be finding that version. I need it to ignore that version (which happens to be in the default directory for numpy installation) and only use my custom numpy installation.

Any input on how to tell scipy to use my custom numpy installation? And after scipy works, how would I then "import scipy *" to work in a .py script? ie, if it's not installed in the default directory then how can I tell python that scipy is in a custom directory?

Thanks so much for any feedback!!!


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