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Linuxhelp _ Technical Support _ Changing subnet mask stop's SQUID working

Posted by: JHM Jan 21 2009, 05:07 AM

Due to a lack of IP address I am changing our subnet mask from to We use IP address as our squid server and I am trying to change the subnet mask so that workstations with addresses 192.168.1.x - 192.168.3.x will be able to use squid as the proxy server.

I am new to Linux but so far I have edited the squid.conf and changed 2 lines to read

acl myIP src
acl myIP src

I now need to change the subnet mask for the Linux server. I have run the command 'ifconfig -a' and received the following

eth0 - inet addr: Bcast: Mask:

I then ran the command 'ifconfig eth0 netmask'

When I check the config again the new mask is dispalayed but nothing can use the squid server. Further more if I run 'ifdown eth0' and then 'ifup eth0' the mask reverts back to (but at least the workstations's can use squid again).

1. Do I need to save it (similar to wr mem with a cisco box)
2. Do I need to change the BCast (assuming as this will be the end of the /22 range).
3. Is there something else I need to configure?

I am using Red Hat (unsure which build - is there an easy way to find out)



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