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Linuxhelp _ Technical Support _ Total Linux nOOOOOOb

Posted by: jamesdigby Oct 14 2008, 07:05 AM

hi there,

i am not quite even where to start!!!!

i have my little own is mostly static HTML pages..hosted using abyss, but i use php for a forum which uses a textfile database. all this runs on winxp pro 3Gig cpu 1gig ram.
i update my site over lan using frontpage into the root folder through windows sharing. i have 2xadsl lines only 1 is actually used for the website.. both lines have dynamic ip.. so i use no-ip to update my dns.

my server pc is now stuggling.. the rendering times to html on the forums is stupid....

so i figure the solution is something along the lines of php and sql

i have been out and bought another 3 pc's with the idea of a bit of redundancy and maybe a bit of load sharing.. and maybe splitting the loads over the two adsl lines (the 2 lines have different ip's i dont think i can get them bonded with out it costing me too much)

i have been trying so hard to get my head round linux even to the extent of stopping up till 3,4,5AM... tried loads of distro's and live cd.... even some LAMP builds.. but i am lost.

i have managed to get some up and running but can even get the basic html pages over to the linux machine

ideally i just need something that i can web-interface to set up and use frontpage with from my windows machines

I have read loads of sights about different distro's, clustering, load balancing

any help or advice or anything at all would be helpful

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