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Linuxhelp _ Technical Support _ Hopefully SOMEONE can help me..

Posted by: andrewblunt Oct 4 2008, 09:49 PM

hello everyone, i just signed up here and i think i'll be visiting quite often as i'm a linux newb entirely from the ground up...

now this is my problem, i downloaded the new slackware 12.1 and have installed it with the KDE...i've booted up and i'm at the desktop enviroment (KDE) without hassle, except i'm not connected to the internet with linux but previously was running xp pro and had no problems with the connection...

i'm sure there are a few reasons this is happening, but when i try to go into the Network Connections inside KDE, it tells me my platform isn't supported when i go to add a connection....

i'm not wireless on the machine with linux, in fact it's connected via PPoE, running through a breaks down like this...

Modem -> Router
Linux Machine

Then i have the machine i am on right now which is running xp pro, however its connected to the router via wireless...this pc is not the issue as i am clearly getting online with's the new linux machine that i cannot get online with at all...
PLEASE SOMEONE TELL ME U CAN HELLLLPPPPP......i'm using this for school and i NEED to be online with the linux machine at home to continue with my classes...please! someone help!!!

Posted by: michaelk Oct 4 2008, 10:40 PM

Post your hardware information. If you do not know the type of network adapter post the output of the console command

How are you trying to connect? With your setup if the adapter is being recognized all you need to do is configure it for DHCP.

Post the output of the command
/sbin/ifconfig eth0

Posted by: andrewblunt Oct 4 2008, 11:03 PM

i dont know how to post any log or report or anythinh FROM anything as my linux machine cant get online and the other pc with internet or any, anything at all is a windo'z xp machine..i was told by someone before "linux sucks because it's not compatible with ms in many ways AT ALL" i was a fool and assumed u couldn't network the two...but i'm still unsure?...cuz if i can, then at least i can broaden my own, personal search for things a little more as well....

the linux machine runs to the router and the modem goes to the router, and the machine i'm talking from right now, is connected to the router via wireless card....this being said, if networking these machine types together is possible somehow that would be cool and stop a lot of unwated grief...

but i was also thinking a minute ago...

if i install xp on to my linux machine and dual boot them both at least just temporarily....could i then run a microsoft network at it's entirety....send files back and forth to one machine to another...then take those files and somehow put them into Linux via the new xp install, dual boot...????

i confuse myself thinking sometimes...

Posted by: andrewblunt Oct 5 2008, 09:34 AM

WOW not much of a forum for help....i looked at the title of the site it says "Linux Help" pleasr tell me where is the help?

Posted by: michaelk Oct 5 2008, 05:13 PM

Unfortunately this site is not very active.
Yes you dual boot your PCs and transfer files. If you install windows after linux it will overwrite your bootloader. It can be fixed with the installed CD.
However, slackware is a very good distribution but it maybe difficult for the beginner. Ubuntu may be a better choice.

Yes linux and windows can be networked together. It is true that are not compatible in many ways. Windows applications can not natively run on linux PCs and vice versa.

Posted by: duncanh Oct 6 2008, 05:11 PM

I'm a newb also, try OpenSUSE (11.0) it only took me 45 mins to download the whole iso DVD image and 25 mins to then fully install it, my networking etc just worked *out of the box* Duncan

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