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Posted by: thomashw Sep 21 2008, 02:15 AM

I was attempting to install Ubuntu onto an IDE drive to dual-boot it with Windows XP Pro which is already installed on a SATA drive.

When I first installed Ubuntu, the option to install the boot loader came up. I wanted to replace the Windows MBR with GRUB, but there were two choices listed for the Windows XP drive. The first one was just sda, and the second one was sda1 - Windows XP Professional. I chose the sda1 option (Note - I have never partitioned this drive, it has always been dedicated to this Windows install.)

Once the install was done, I chose the SATA drive to boot first, and all that came up while booting was a DOS type command prompt such as GRUB > and it stopped there. It told me to press tab to see a list of commands if I wanted to, which I did. I couldn't really do anything, and ended up reinstalling Ubuntu on the same drive (sdc,) and chose sda instead of sda1 for GRUB this time. The actual GRUB GUI comes up now, but Windows isn't listed.

I tried adding:

title Windows XP
root (hd0,0)
chainloader +1

but when I choose it it just brings the GRUB GUI back up again.

I then tried using Super Grub Disk, which didn't help. I did find out that it's now listing my SATA drive as drive sdc instead of sda, but in Ubuntu it still lists it as sda.

Anyone have any suggestions? I am quite lost as to what to do.

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