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Linuxhelp _ Technical Support _ How do I rearrange modules at startup?

Posted by: StanP May 21 2008, 04:54 PM


I'd like to know how to see a list of the modules loaded at startup of my
OS and also would like to know how to re-arrange, if possible, the loading
of the modules to fix a certain problem.

Last month I installed the latest version of sidux as the sole OS on a
desktop tower. When I installed it, there was no sound. I fixed that by
installing the latest ALSA files, but that installation broke kppp which
I use for my dial-up Internet connection. [For my dial-up connection, I
use a US Robotics, external, serial, 56K modem, "Sportster", modem
Once I re-installed the OS to get a working kppp, there was no
sound again. Currently though, because I re-installed ALSA files, I have
sound but no working kppp, therefore no Internet connection 'til the
problem is fixed. I use another home desktop tower computer (on which
MEPIS 7.0 is the sole OS) to connect to the Internet.

A guy in the ALSA-project mailing list told me that he thinks my problem
has to do with the sequence of modules being loaded at startup. He didn't
tell me exactly how to fix this though. He wrote:

"This sounds like something I got on a laptop I had with Ubuntu 7.10. As
initially installed the dial-up modem driver is not present and sound
works. Install the modem driver and sound stops. It was something to do
with the order in which modules loaded. The modem drivers use the sound
card for doing some of the digital signal processing.

I think that the problem can be resolved by making sure that the modem
drivers only load after the other sound drivers. Sorry I'm being vague -
I don't have that laptop at the moment. Try doing an lsmod in each of
your scenarios and looking at the modules loaded. Then try blacklisting
the snd- one kppp is loading. That will probably break kppp but let sound
work ok. Then see if loading the offending module after everything else
gets both working together."

[End of his message to me.]

How do I selectively use lsmod to see what's loading when? How do I
change the order of modules being loaded so that the problem I have might
or will end?

Does the external modem have to be turned on for the ppp and modem modules to appear in a list?

Since I'm not an expert at Linux, please explain in some detail and offer command lines with arguments.


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