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Posted by: cabaret Apr 25 2008, 10:04 AM


I've posted this on the Wubi/Ubuntu forums but I figured I'd try my luck at a couple of places just to see if maybe, somewhere, I could get some help. Be nice kids, I'm sad sad.gif

I installed Ubuntu using the Wubi loader a couple of days ago. I've been working in Ubuntu for the last few days, not having booted into Windows. Just now, however, I wanted to check something in Windows and whenever I try to boot it, my computer just restarts and takes me to the 'Which OS'-screen again. I've tried Safe Mode, I've tried 'Last known working configuration' but nothing seems to work. I just can't get Windows running.
Ubuntu stalled a couple of hours back and I couldn't do anything. I tried to reboot it but it wouldn't do. My only solution was a hard reboot (pressed the power button on my pc for a few seconds.) I'm guessing this is the reason why my Windows XP won't load anymore. (I don't get any errors, just a black screen and back to the 'Intel' logo I get when I start my pc)
I can still access my 'windows files' (my hdd) by going to /host and nothing is lost, I just can't get in there with windows anymore.

I've tried doing 'chkdsk /r' from the recovery console and it says something like (it's in dutch so i have to translate) 'the system has errors' and then it just goes back to c:\> without executing chkdsk.
I have no idea what to do. I can't access the hdd itself from the recovery console, yet i can see it and access everything from Ubuntu.

I know I shouldn't have hard rebooted but I didn't have another option at the time, as far as I know.
I'm just hoping that someone can help me get back on Windows XP one way or another, because I don't think I'm ready to live with Ubuntu alone yet.

I need some help ASAP.

Thanks in advance,


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