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Linuxhelp _ Technical Support _ DNS Configuration for in-house domain

Posted by: JasonV Apr 24 2008, 11:41 AM

Hello All,

I am new to this forum and also new to DNS. I have a very basic understanding of the different types of records and zones and have been reading through a lot of material online and offline, and also looking at other peoples examples. I seem to be a bit stumped on how to address the scenario I am trying to implement, so I am hoping someone here would know exactly what to do!

The current setup:
Active Directory w/ Microsoft DNS (not my choice!) DHCP Exchange, etc....
I am in a small company with 2 Domain Controllers, 2 DNS Servers, 2 Exchange Servers (backend + frontend), 2 VPN Servers, WWW, FTP, and a couple others that aren't necessarily important. Right now AD ties the DNS servers together with the DNS records on the DCs, most of which are the records for the in-house machines, and their mappings assigned by DHCP.

Basically, here is what my boss wants done, and if anyone feels this is not the best route to go, I welcome all criticism!
We want a linux DNS server running BIND 9, or even 2 linux DNS servers for load balancing, to handle all the in house DNS requests. Essentially, all company machines would use the in-house DNS servers, but instead of functioning with the outside world, they would be limited to two options.

1. If the computer trying to be resolved is in the local domain, forward the DNS request to the DC for proper resolution of the local-network machine.
2. If the resource is in the outside world, forward to a public dns server for resolution (external IP address).

And that's it. If its in our domain, have the DC resolve it, if not, have a public DNS server resolve it.

Thank you in advance for all advice, opinions, and information.

Jason V

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