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Linuxhelp _ Technical Support _ My Root Account Got Deleted

Posted by: kickasscloud Oct 10 2002, 04:36 PM

Alright long story short, i pissed some guy off, and he hacked my and deleted my root account, how i don't know, but i do know that i can't do anything that would of required being in root.

If any body can think of a way to create a root account with out being in the root, and with out access to any higher level function, it would be much appericated.

signed kickasscloud

Posted by: kickasscloud Oct 10 2002, 04:38 PM

oh by the way i am running red hat linux, ver 7.3

Posted by: joey Oct 10 2002, 05:30 PM

i think you're pretty much screwed. here's a lesson for you, dont go around pissing people off smile.gif

You might want to try rebooting the machine and then at the LILO: prompt type linux single

This might shove you into the system with root access and then you can recreate the root account. Not sure if this will work in your situation though.

Posted by: kickasscloud Oct 15 2002, 03:04 PM

Thanks man it worked perfectly biggrin.gif

Posted by: joey Oct 16 2002, 07:17 AM


Posted by: ifman Nov 11 2002, 02:39 PM

A side note, you might want to password protect your LILO/Grub for this reason, since if you dont, ANYONE can boot right into single and play with the root access.

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