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Linuxhelp _ Technical Support _ Cable Modem On Red Hat 5.2?

Posted by: asha Nov 20 2002, 02:25 AM


I hope someone can help me out!! I have a cable modem installed and it works in Windows.

I also have Red Hat 5.2 installed on my machine, I now want to connect my Cable Modem to linux..

I've followed the steps that tell me to recompile my kernel etc etc....but when I run the "make dep" I get errors saying that certain files are missing in my linux/drivers directory..

There doesnt seem to be any help out there for me :-( I have looked everywhere!!

If anyone knows of a clear and concise step by step guide to setting up my cable modem, I will be forever grateful!

Hope to hear from someone soon!! BYe!

Posted by: chrisw Nov 20 2002, 06:55 AM

are you trying to compile a driver into your kernel for your network card?
because there isnt anything to compile into the kernel for the cable modem,
you should just have to plug your network card into your cable modem.
If you ISP will be assigning you an ip address, just set your network card
to DHCP , or if you have a static ip address, then put in the ip address information in for the network card..

Posted by: asha Nov 21 2002, 02:18 AM

I was following instructions I found on the net about how to set up my cable modem, it said I needed to recompile my kernel with new drivers...thats what i was trying to do...

We dont know if our network card is recognised by linux or how to activate our network card via linux..

When we run netcfg under interfaces the ethernet card shows up as eth0, this leads me to beliieve that linux has detected the network card....but when we set the setting to dhcp with the netcfg program and click activate nothing seems to happen???

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