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Posted by: stealth_72 Nov 13 2002, 11:18 AM

Ok, I wasn't sure where to put this but I definitely need some help here. Here is
the story. I have two Hard drives. The 1st one is partitioned into 2 partitions.
The second one is now partitioned into 6 partiitons.
HDa0 = Windows XP (Fat)
HDa1 = Windows Data (Fat)
HDb0 = Windows data - fat
HDb1 = windows data - fat
HDb2 = windows data - fat
HDb3 = windows data - fat
HDb4 = windows data - fat
Hdb5 = Linux Red Hat 8.0
Hdb6 = Linux Red Hat 8.0

Originally I was running 2000 and I tried to load Red Hat 8.0 and dual boot it. I
screwed up during the install and overwrote the MBR of hda0. (windows boot disk)
Trouble! I was only able to boot into Linux. In my infinite wisdom (plenty of pun
here) thinking that I could fix it in Linux and get windows back, I tried to mount
my windows boot partition so I could "tinker" with it. When I tried to do that, I
screwed up yet again and tried to mount the wrong partition. hda1 (my windows data
file. It seemed not to work. Anyways, I went back to the never fail and loaded Windows
XP back on hda0 (my windows boot disk). Needless to say I finally was able to get
my system to dual boot.

Now the problem, when I tried to mount hda1 (the accidental mount) I think Linux
overwrote the mbr on that partition. In windows disk manager, it sees the partition
but it says that it is an unrecognized os. In linux, it feels the same way. So, I
have this partition with some data I DO NOT want to lose. Neither OS wants to claim
it though.

My question (FINALLY - sorry for the length) is, does anyone know how I can get that
partition back, either in XP or Linux without having to format it?

My second question is that my XP boot partition is only 2GB (I still can't get over
saying that, I remember when a 40MB was a Godsend) and I have only around 140mb free
and XP does not like that. Is there any way I can increase my partition without having
to reformat and repartition my master hard drive?

Thanks in advance for hopefully any much needed help!!

Posted by: chrisw Nov 13 2002, 11:46 AM

i had to read this couple of times...
first of all....if you loaded any boot loader for linux
either lilo or can install it to the mbr
and it will pick up that windows is installed
and you can boot up either OS

secondly of all...if you have a boot disk for either xp, or 2000
you should be able to possibly fdisk the mbr and be able
to boot to windows...

if not try a boot disk from an older version of windows
and fdisk the MBR by typing fdisk /mbr

that should get your MBR straight again and boot to windows...
i have had to do this several times...

why you cant boot up to any OS after you installed is odd..
unless you didnt install a boot loader and something overwrote
the MBR....

as far as making the partition that windows is on
you can use partition magic or something along those lines

hopefully this will straighten somethings out....

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