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Linuxhelp _ Technical Support _ Boot Problem

Posted by: usmanaltaf Nov 8 2002, 12:14 PM

ive installed linux using grub as a boot loader and have windows xp installed too.the problem is sumtimes linux boots perfectly but at other times it gets stuck at mxt_scan_bios:enter during the boot time.
what is this it that linux 7.2 not compatible with pentium 4 or wat.
earlier i made a boot partition:250 mb,swap 512 mb(my rdram is 256) and root of gave the same error that is sumtimes it boots correctly and sumtimes gets stuck up at that line.this line comes in the earlier part of booting.
now ive changed the partition that is merged root and boot into one.
again it started booting correctly for a couple of time but then today it got stuck at that line.
ive kept these partitions in the first 1024 cylinders so its not that problem.
please sugest quickly.
ive installed it a couple of times now using different cds also but its not workin.

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