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Posted by: digyourownhole Nov 8 2002, 08:17 AM

it's me again. this time with a question of not such high priority, but still something i want to know.
On a lot of linuxsites you can see screenshots of linux desktops in gnome and KDE. On a lot of these screenshots, the windows (oops, may i say this word here?) and start menu are transparent (you can see through it and see the wallpaper).
HOW do i do this? I know it's a question of pure decoration and not such high priority, but he, i think it kicks ass the way it looks. A good way to make all my friends see that linux has a lot more nice features than the arguments i already used.
Hope to hear from someone.

Posted by: Corey Nov 8 2002, 08:40 AM

I'm fairly new to KDE, however, I make everything transparent because it just looks so damn cool. My suggestion is to pick up Mosfet's Liquid engine which I use to get all the good looks. You can find it Install this under whatever distro you're running, and go into kcontrol and set it up in styles and decorations. I beleive it's under styles that you can set the translucency of menus (i apologize I can't get more accurate but I'm at work on a windows machine).

As well, you can set konsole with transparencies by going to one of the menus, and choose schema, and select "Transparent with dark/light background". As well, Eterm is really nice for this because you can set your transparency level perfectly. Other programs such as Xchat also have built in transparency, in my setup, I have transparent windows that are tinted so it's about 80% transparent. Also, Konqueror and other native kde apps will have transparent menus with the above settings. It truely is beautiful.

Of course, no post is complete with a screen of my desktop:

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