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Posted by: }-{ippy Nov 2 2002, 03:59 AM

I am new to linux and have installed mandrake 9.0 and everytime i do something it becomes very confusing, there are so many words that i know nothing about, i downloaded a driver for tv-out and it says you dont have to configure the kernal, so what do you do? the download just sits there taking up room, i downloaded another program and there is nothing to tell me how to install it, i feel i am better then the average windows user but when it comes to linux i cant seem to get anywhere, i am starting to think you need to be an advanced user to get anywhere. Help is hard to understand cause they use words that i know nothing windows better for the average user that likes to download various things from time to time and just play around?

Posted by: MurderedCROW Nov 2 2002, 04:17 AM

Hi there. Just like you I'm new to lynux when I used it. Anyways what I have notice when I used it was that typical files that you use on Windows generally won't work on Lynux. Such a file is .exe they will not work, at least when I used lynux 7.2. Anyhow if the file that you have is an .exe it probably won't work beyond that I really don't know you weren't really specific. Hopes this helps. biggrin.gif

Posted by: }-{ippy Nov 3 2002, 06:27 AM

i have no idea where to start or what to do, i have all these programs and have no idea what each program is for. how do you configure a kernel, i am afraid to touch it cause i have no idea and dont know how to find it to configure it. I dont know anyone here in my town with linux to ask for tips. I have spent lots of hours in this program and all i have done is connect to the internet. Help for linux is not in lamens terms. It says to open a terminal and when i find it, there are 5 of them so i cant go any further cause i dont want to open the wrong one.I used a crv to download and when i did it said i needed some other program and gave me the site and when i went there it didnt say anything about the program that i needed. I seem to be going in circles

Posted by: Tatusmi Nov 3 2002, 11:11 AM

hey man.... one of my friends once told me the best way to accel at using linux is to unlearn everything you've ever learned about windows... that is quite possably the best advice he's ever given me. the two os' are nothing alike.. therefore the same approach cannot be taken with them.

to get anywhere in linux you don't need to be an advanced user, I by no means am, but I've successfully installed several distros and I'm running Debian 3.0r0 with apache, mysql, perl, php, etc. as a webhosting project. One of the biggest resources in the linux community is other people... try the #linuxhelp or #linux irc channel... I think they're both on (info is on this site somewhere).

Anyways, as for the tv out problem... there is usualy documentation included with the download, what is the file extention?... if it's .tar .gz .tar.gz or .bz2 it's a compressed file (similar to .zip and .rar in windows) you must extract the file using the according compression agent. The docs should be within that compressed file... also try the website you d/l'd from... most are really good with providing install instructions and often include the bash commands to execute... common ones are ./configure followed by make then make-install. (DON'T use those commands unless you're supposed too! Executing them compiles, configures, and installs the program)

- Tatusmi

Posted by: styker Nov 3 2002, 08:37 PM

We're actually on in channel #linuxhelp.

I wouldn't recommend compiling your kernel right now. If it's simple loading a module, go ahead, if you need help doing specific things, post the here.

It's very hard to tell people how to do things if they're not specific as to what they want to do, or problems they encounter doing it.

Check out the Guides page on this site, there is alot of useful information.

What are the words you don't know about?

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