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Posted by: hcooper Oct 30 2002, 07:56 PM

Yesterday, I installed RedHat 8.0 with no problems.
Today, I assumed I would have the same good fortune but not quiet.

I did the install with no errors, selecting eveything to install.
After the graphical login completes and the desktop appears, I get an error msg from Gnome. I cannot remove the error by canceling, or selecting OK, and therefore cannot find a way to continue, other than by a hard reset.

During installation, I selected to do a graphical login. Is there a way to bypass this option on startup so I can get to a command line and perhaps do some troubleshooting?

Can anyone suggest where to start debugging the installation? Maybe trying to remove and reinstall Gnome? Will the RPM manager check for proper installation?

I guess I could simply try a total reinstall, but this seems like a cowards way out and I wont learn how to troubleshoot the problem.

Posted by: chrisw Oct 31 2002, 11:00 AM

you can boot up in single user mode
when you boot up your system
you will have the graphical bootup interface
press control-x , if you are using LILO as the boot loader
and the type linux single
it will then boot up and eventually get you
to a prompt
at the prompt type

pico /etc/inittab
if you dont have pico you will have to probably use vi

look for a line that says


yours will should have a 5, change it to a 3

save the file and then at the prompt you should just have
to type:


to continue the boot up process

and then login

and then to startup x just type


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