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Posted by: eraidnflux Oct 24 2002, 09:37 PM

hello i just installed R.H. 8.0 and it wont connect to the internet correctly, i believe it is because my firewall setting are set to high, because the mozilla page will load but after about a second it closes, I went into the firewall preferences and change the settings of high to off the click ok. i open mozilla and it closes again. i check the firwall prefs. again and there back to high again, because it didnt save my prefs. is there another way that i can go about saving the firewall settings so that i can browse the internet or a way to delete the firewall program and install it again, where would i be able to find the firewall program?

thanks in advance

*note i can connect to the internet, proof i used telnet to connect to my school server.

Posted by: styker Oct 25 2002, 05:34 AM

Mozilla could just be crashing, try a different browser, you may have konquror installed, or better, use lynx from a console/terminal screen. I highly doubt your firewall is is closing mozilla, cause that's not what firewalls do, but if your convinced, run

rgrep "high" /etc/*

And it should return something along the lines of firewall="high".

Posted by: eraidnflux Oct 25 2002, 02:06 PM

I dont know if i have another browser installed how can i find konquer or another browser

thanks in advance

Posted by: styker Oct 25 2002, 03:17 PM

open a terminal window (xterm, rxvt, eterm to mention a few) they should be listed on your menu somewhere, and type konqueror or "lynx" if they connect, your firewall is not set to high, you need to update mozilla.

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