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Posted by: pilgrim Apr 24 2015, 09:04 AM

Good day to you all

I am an old pensioner and am annoyed at windows aka Microsoft for not supporting XP any more so I have thought to change to Linux but need a bit of advice
I am not a PC person and my knowledge is limited, so is it recommended that I can use Linux
I have read a bit on line and it would seem that Red Hat may be the one for me
I understand that I can not expect an XP ease of use but just how complex is it
are there any senior users able to advise.

An added problem is that my PC contracted a virus called Coin Vault that may have left some trojans around so it would be ideal for me to format my hard disc and start afresh
how would this effect the possible download of Linux
thanks to all


Posted by: michaelk Apr 24 2015, 10:26 AM

RedHat is an enterprise version which requires a fee for upodates and security fixes, normally not for the home user. There are many distributions available and without knowing the specifications of your PC I can not suggest what would be the best choice. For starters I might suggest linux mint. You can go to and look at the list for the top version being downloaded and test them by running a live CD either by burning a disc or a USB drive.

linux can not run window applications so any remains of coin vault should not affect it. You can download a dban live CD that will be able to erase your entire drive if desired. As stated windows can not natively run linux applications. It does have a compatiblity layer by which many programs run but it isn't perfect. So depending on your specific needs linux may or may not work for you.

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