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Linuxhelp _ Technical Support _ New Windows Program Driver Problem

Posted by: Indarus Aug 13 2014, 09:50 AM

I have just installed a security camera/CCTV program via Wine on LXLE Desktop.

It starts up giving an error that the drivers aren't installed and cannot continue.

I have the drivers on the install CD, but I don't know how to install them or where to move them so that the program can pick them up.

I've tried the Additional Drivers tool but it does not find drivers for it and I don't see an option to manually add drivers from my own location.

I've also tried copying them to .lib/modules/Generic/drivers/(Program Name), but it says access denied and doesn't allow me to copy.

Any help will be appreciated.

Posted by: Robert83 Aug 23 2014, 07:16 AM

NOTE : *=h

Hello ,

The Information provided is not enough for a trully specific answer. But if the cameras are also IP cameras,
I would check out this solution :


The Problem with your aproach is , that you are using WINE smile.gif , in your case it complicates your life, you are trying
to run a Windows program inside WINE on a Linux box, then also install Drivers for your cameras that probably Need
low Level Access to the Hardware... in the end you will probably be sorry you ever started .

On the other Hand with zoneminder you can achive excelent results... almost like with GeoVision products...


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