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Linuxhelp _ Technical Support _ ad-hoc, infrastructure, bridged, NAT

Posted by: zolteckx6 Jun 29 2014, 02:05 AM

I am seeing these relations in a little bit of a foggy way. What I mean is if I use airbase-ng with wlan0 it creates my at0 interface and my wlan0 interface becomes PROMISC.
I can bring my at0 up start DHCP on at0, route the traffic through eth0 and everything runs fine; However a few questions are in order and I have been searching like a mad man to understand the relation here.

This would not be considered an ad-hoc network right?

if all I want to do is create an access point with Internet connectivity could I just bridge at0 with eth0?

why does it need wlan0 to run in PROMISC mode? is that in fact what is pushing out the signal? I don't see how it's being used

I can see how I could use this to connect other computers to a wireless this the most productive way?
if I had a desktop with no wifi card could I run an Ethernet cable to the nic card on my laptop and route traffic through it out to the wireless network, that is from eth0 to wlan0? yes or no?..........bridge connection maybe?

and finally is there a way to see where the bandwidth is going on my network, I am the admin so I can Telnet into my network and log in via the net and that's well and good but is there
a NetFlow alternative for routers running a Linux kernel. I don't care to sniff the traffic so much as I would like to see Bandwidth usage. But actually if I am physically connected to my silly little router could I sniff the traffic without mac flooding or arp poisoning. Could I telnet in and switch the port I am physically connected to, to run in PROMISC mode, or something like that?

I know it's a lot but I think it illustrates where I am at with all this (including my spelling), reading man page after man page forum searching from hell ridiculous you Tube videos

yes or no answers help a lot, short answers, anything at all...... Thanks.

Posted by: michaelk Jun 29 2014, 05:09 PM


Check out the documentation:

As far as I know configuring the wireless adapter into promiscuous mode is normal. This allows the wireless adapter to pass all traffic to the CPU and is used for sniffing. As you see a virtual adapter is created. airbase-ng is part of aircrack-ng which are tools used for penetration testing, cracking and analysis . No need to run airbase or any of the tools to create router traffic from your wireless to wired adapter.

by enabling IP forwarding you can router traffic between the two. What distribution/version are you running?

Posted by: zolteckx6 Jun 29 2014, 06:13 PM

Thank you. I am runnning this on Kali Linux. but let me ask this then all these programs to monitor network traffic like spiceworks, netflow, ntop they are good for me as a single host; however, being the admin in my home network I sould be able to monitor bandiwth on all devices on my network including the 4 pc's I have + my ruko + ps3 ...etc, yet I can not find a way to get this done sad.gif without arp poisoning or mac flooding. ps some of these are running on the wifi. I just don't understand

Posted by: michaelk Jun 30 2014, 12:21 PM

What about iptraf and iftop

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