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Linuxhelp _ Life after Windoze _ OMG pleaze help

Posted by: Janneman Jul 12 2006, 06:27 AM


For some time now I really wanted to start working with Linux. Just to try something else. But everytime i try, something sux. Suse = to noob for me, Kubuntu & Ubuntu have boot issues dry.gif, and Mandrake was the only thing that sorta worked like i wanted it.
But now I wanna try something like Debian, but again ! i get this command prompt thingy and i dont know what to do with it !!! i allready installed a packet called Desktop :S:S:S but nothing happens when i reboot.

Just to be clear, I want KDE to boot automaticly, and i dont want to log in ....

please help...


Posted by: Robert83 Jul 12 2006, 06:50 AM


boot up this box where you installed desktop package with KDE, then login using root and password.

then type the following


if this will start up the GUI , then you can do the following to make it permanent.

do this

cd /etc
vi inittab

then press i , and search for this line
and change it to

then press ESC , then type :wq and press ENTER

type reboot

and it will boot into GUI whenever you boot this machine.

Robert B

Posted by: Janneman Jul 12 2006, 07:02 AM

sorry to inform, startx doesnt work. Was the first and only answer i could find.

Posted by: michaelk Jul 12 2006, 08:15 AM

What are the error messages when you try the startx command?

What type of graphics card is installed in this PC?
If you do not know post the output of the command lscpi.

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