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Linuxhelp _ Programming in Linux _ Programming Supper Mario 1 In Vb

Posted by: docmur Apr 15 2005, 10:04 AM

I need to know how much time do you think it would take the average programming student to replocate the super mario 1 game in VB 6.0. I want to do the ganme for my year end project but i'm not sure how much time it wuil take me to do. I type at 41 wpm but logic wise I type at about 20 wpm so can some help gage if this is a doable project

Posted by: Corey Apr 15 2005, 10:25 AM

I'd like to think that i know fair amount about developing in VB, but i really don't think it's possible to program games with it. VB is for applications as far as i know. If you want to create a game, you should look at some other languages like SDL, C++, etc.

Either way, i think it would take a very long time to completly re-write an exisiting game. I wouldn't even know where to start to.

Posted by: DS2K3 Apr 15 2005, 03:14 PM

Yeh, VB isnt really suited to that sort of thing. You can make curd games with images boucing around, but you are quite limited. Not to mention VB is evil, and will result in the fiery demise of mankind.


Posted by: Corey Apr 18 2005, 09:48 AM

I used to love VB for quick mock-up application designs. The same reasons why i used access. I found with access it was much easier to visually design a database (not a very complex one mind you), and then use that to create it on a real database server weather it be mysql, mssql, etc.

So, i wouldn't say VB is that evil, it's nice if you want to do something simple in windows. I use to create vb apps to access an access database on a server to fetch and store information. Quite useful, and quite quick to create, and even handled over 300 simultaneous users at one time! I was quite surprised with it's performance.

Posted by: docmur Apr 19 2005, 08:34 AM

Well okay if I can't program super mario can you guy's give me a idea for a final project. I can use VB or Turing. I'm in grade 12 programming. Please I can't think of any thing for the final project. It's my choice what I program.

Posted by: VBD May 8 2005, 08:31 PM

Not for games?! I once used VB. Although its not a great language, and its not super fast like C/C++, a mario game is well within its limits. It has full access to GDI and DirectX. If these aren't sufficient for game programming, I'm not sure what is. Speed shouldn't be a concern for a game such as Mario either. VB does have a Native compiler which is fast enough. My friend was playgin around with VB and GDI. He wrote a software based 3d engine in pure vb, and could handle thousands of polygons at decent frame rates. Designed for it or not, VB can make simple games. Using VB, you should be able to throw together a semi decent Mario engine within a week (this doesn't include stuff like art, levels, etc.).

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