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Linuxhelp _ Programming in Linux _ End Of The Year Programming Assignment For School

Posted by: docmur Mar 31 2005, 02:21 PM

Good Day

I'm a computer science student at WCI in waterloo Ontario and I need to find a programming language to use for my year end assignment. The assignment it's self is easy, it involves programming a game start to finish however I want to try new programming language in Linux to work with. I want a language that will be effecient well letting me control memory flow. I have given thought to using C and or C++ because of the great ESP memory control but I want to skip the long and unbaring syntax that would follow. I guess the real question that I want an answer to is which programming languages will give me the most effecient memory control well letting me use a good and easy syntax. I prefer 2D game programming because I make use of not having to program complex 3D vectors but would consider it if the syntax was not to long. Also and please keep this answer seperate does any one know were to get a free version of OpenGL for linux. If it is distro special I use Suse Linux 9.2 pro


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