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Posted by: themacuser Feb 4 2005, 07:26 PM

Hello all,

i just wanted to say that i have kickstarted a project to create a new operating system. i need developers and suggestions are always welcome, if you are even remotely interested, please visit my site.

thanks much,

the mac user

my site can be found at ""

Posted by: DS2K3 Feb 5 2005, 07:12 AM

Im not sure you mean freeware - Freeware normally has the same sort of license as comemrical software, but is provided free.

Also, creating a new OS from scrath is rather ambitious, most OSes nowadays have upwards of 20years devlopment behind them to get them where they are today.

Perhaps you would be better off making a new distribution?


Posted by: themacuser Feb 5 2005, 12:32 PM

Sorry about that.

By freeware i meant released under the GNU GPL. I wrote that wrong.

This was NOT planned to be written from scratch. thats a pretty useless idea considering that it would be smarter to use software thats tried and true...


I also made a mistake by saying Operating System. (I wrote this in a hurry). The best way to say it is "a visual shell for BSD, like Win95 was a shell for DOS".

Sorry for the confusion. Ill try not to right in a hurry next time.


Posted by: themacuser Feb 9 2005, 05:50 PM

Hi again. Ive been having some site trouble. I should have used my own HTML, but i was in a hurry to put up the website.

what im getting to is, anyone has any suggestions as to Sielle itself or anything of that sort, feel free to email me at

I know, its strange to put a name to a piece of software that doesnt exist yet, but ive been working on Sielle Since about April 2003.
i guess it still needs quite a bit of work.


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