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Linuxhelp _ Programming in Linux _ Using Cvs As An Update System

Posted by: VBD Dec 14 2004, 07:58 PM

In my game (hoverdemolition), I've been wanting to have an auto update system. Its written in python, so only small modules of code would be changed at a time, resulting in downloads of a few kilobytes for a major update. I was thinking of writing an update system, and having it launch at the beginning of the game, update all the modules, and then run the program. I was fooling around with CVS, to put my code, and I watched as it properly updates out of date files but not up to date files, etc. in a module checkout. I realized this was just the system I needed, as with python you are running from the source code anyway with a quick startup compile. Can anyone think of any reasons against using CVS as the update system?

Also, can anyone throw together a quick python script which would checkout a module off of a CVS system? You can probably assume the CVS is installed on the system. I can work out any details. I was thinking of simply executing CVS (in the background while the auto update window displays), yet I noticed that even in anonymous mode you must hit enter for a blank password. Does anyone have any solution for this?

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