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Linuxhelp _ Programming in Linux _ Installing Anjuta Or Eclipse (c++) Onto Ubuntu

Posted by: zarniwoop Nov 22 2004, 10:24 AM

I want to do some C++ programming on an ubuntu system and I have no idea how to install either of these programs. I can't find any simple binaries though there are some for Anjuta but they aren't designed for Ubuntu(will they work anyway?). I only installed linux a couple of days ago so haven't ever installed a program onto it.

Posted by: russ_m9 Nov 24 2004, 05:29 AM

you can try the binaries they may or may not work as expected, i always like to compile from source code for the platform and distro that i intend to use the program on that way no problems arise from thier useon the system in question.

download the source(s) and extract them to a directory, i always use this: home/<your_name_here>/temp

then open a teminal and type:
cd /home/<your_name_here>/temp 'open directory of source
su 'press enter after
now at the $ prompt enter your root password press enter

now at the root prompt ( "#" ) type ./configure ' press enter

make a note of any warnings or error(s)

now type make ' press enter key
same as above about warnings or error(s)

now type make install ' press enter key
and again the same as above about warnings or error(s)

but in most cases there should not be any problems

now if there are any problems they will most likely be the following: kernel headers and source installed.
2.libs are out of date
3.make not found by bash
4.M4 is not found

to fix all of these possible problems do the following:

use the Ubantu packmanager system to install the dev files from it's install cd.

after that do the following steps from above to compile it again and that should be all you need to do to compile and install the program from source, but if that fails i cannot tell you what to do other than try and find precompiled binaries as a note of intrest to you Linux programs have always been distributed as source rather than binary just to maintain compatibility between other distros of linux.

I hope this helps

Russell Morton.

Posted by: zarniwoop Nov 24 2004, 07:24 AM

Thanks a lot.

I shall try it and then you will have either more of my thanks, or my contempt for you as a worthless giver of advice.

Posted by: russ_m9 Nov 24 2004, 11:31 AM

well i hope it works out for ya, all i can say is in all the time i have been using linux 3 yrs (Mandrake 6.5 and on)and i have used that method with complete success as long as you read the readme files that come with the source distribution you will never fail. but failure to follow simple logic and common sense is a stupidity no linux user can afford.

but either way let me know what happens and provide me the details and more than likely i or someone else will help you find the problem and fix it, but remember diffrent distros do things in diffrent ways but they should all be about the same when compiling programs.

Russell Morton

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