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Posted by: Corey Dec 19 2003, 01:09 AM

Even though the hardcore programmers prefer to use programs like emacs and vi for their programing needs, some of us new programmers, or those coming from the Microsoft and Visual Basic world are more comfortable with IDE's (like Visual Studio). I thought I would throw together a few that I have found that may be useful to new programmers. I will also include some that aren't nessesarily full fledged IDE's, but may be helpful. If you have anything to add, please do so.

Note: I am not a real programmer, I play around with things here and there. I'm currently in the process of learning C, but my general knowledge is lacking. I will put brief descriptions here, but please be advised that it's from a novice point of view and not an expert! - KDevelop is an IDE available under the GPL license. It is developed generally for KDE use, but can be used for many types of C and C++ applications. It manages the development tools such as compiler, linker, debugger and build system. It has some wizards included that will generate a small, but helpful "Hello World" app to get you on your way. It has support for internationalization, CVS, debugging, a console, syntax highlighting, support for QT/Embedded projects, and much more. Along with the wizards, KDevelop also includes templates for projects such as KControl modules, Kicker applets, KIOSlaves, Konqueror plugins and desktop styles. In a beginners point of view, KDevelop is easy to use, and makes it quick to get a sample program up and running. The Kdevelop website also includes that will help you get your first project off the ground. This is definitly one to check out! - Anjuta is similar to KDevelop in many ways, it's easy to navigate, easy to use, and not very scary to the new programmer. While KDevelop is geared towards KDE and QT programming, Anjuta is geared more closely to Gnome and GTK programming. Anjuta includes such features as syntax highlighting, code formatting, code autocompletion, calltips, a debugger with interactive execution with breakpoints/watches/signal/stack manipulation. Similar to KDevelop, Anjta also boasts a number for application wizards to create console, GTK and Gnome applications. Anjuta's website does include, but they are not very well laid out. - QT Designer is not nessessarily an IDE, it is however an interface builder. You can use Designer to create the user interface for your project, and plug them in to your QT project. I have found designer is quite easy to use, once you read a little documentation on how QT works with signals and connections. KDevelop works very nicely with QT Designer, there is even a tutorial on the KDevelop website devoted to it. - Glade, like QT Designer, is an interface builder for GTK+ and Gnome. I haven't used glade in a very long time, so I don't have much experience in it. There is a on their page, but I found it very lacking, check it out if your interested in GTK+ interfaces.

Please reply with some additional programs and/or comments.

Posted by: Hemant Dec 20 2003, 04:40 AM

As..i have suggested...
kylix would be a nice replacement for your needs..and i guess is more powerfull that Ajunta..
you can download kylix open edition from
you can learn more about kylix from

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