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Linuxhelp _ General Discussion _ Windows Live Messenger port to linux

Posted by: AdamVester Jul 16 2006, 06:30 PM

My Challenge is to get Windows Live Messenger running on linux. It has so far not been done and is ment to never be dont.

But i do beleave i am getting someware just need someone to hex a few things in the main WLM files.....

So far this is what i have done so far.

Downloaded Wine
Downloaded WLM from
Downloaded WLMLight
Confugured Wine to run Internet Explorer (Finaly working)
Installed Internet Explorer
Installed Config Files for Wine to setup proper
Tryed to run WLM in Wine under Windows XP (No Luck)
Tryed to run WLMlight in Wine under Windows XP (No Luck .DLL Errors)
Tryed to run WLMlight in Wine under Windows 2000 (No Luck .DLL Errors)
Downloaded all the needed DLL Files
Installed all the needed DLL Files

Result so far.... NO .DLL Errors.

I have posted an error log of the terminal with the remaning errors i dont really no much about. I have also included all the .DLL files on there for download for anyone else wanting to give this a bash....

All this is located @

Sorry about porting it on a crappy URL its the only spare host i got were i can host all this rubbish stuff hope no one minds if they are wanting to give this ago..

If anyone can help me out with HEXing the file and what not i would be more than gratfull..

and please no comments about other Messengers

i already tryed and no um all.... this is a challenege and im trying to finish it lol....

(p.s. I posted the DLL files on there and not on here because i wasnt sure if i was able to post links to it. coz if it does work for someone could count as a patch or something dont wanna get in no truble lol.)

Anyways cheers for reading this rubbish hope someone can help me out if not no biggy and go easy on me with the harsh comments if this post dont get deleated by tommrow...

Posted by: AdamVester Jul 23 2006, 02:52 PM

i hexed the Windows Live Messenger file to install on Windows 2000 ran windows 2000 in vmware and it rolled back after install due to not having the XP API's installed. i managed to get the c++ libary witch was a work around for this problem and WLM now runs on my Windows 2000 Vmware. i tryed installing the pack on linux with succsess but WLM still says the same problem sad.gif..... anyone have any ideas? the APIs are installed and everything now. just got to get the above bugs out of the way.

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