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Linuxhelp _ General Discussion _ Need Extremely lightwieght distro

Posted by: -Demosthenes- May 18 2006, 10:32 PM

Hey, I have an old laptop, Pentium II, and I need a Linux distro for it. Windows xp won't works way, way too slowly, so I need a really really lightweight Linux distribution that I can use. I am a complete Linux noob. If you think you know what I'm saying, you don't. I have no idea, what so ever how Linux works, I am windows through and through. I expect you will be my close friends in the forum for a long while biggrin.gif

I need it to be able to use my belkin wireless g (model number FSD7010) notebook card. I need to be able to connect onto the network at my house and internet connections in public places, like universities and Mcdonalds. Not sure how they get that connection, but with windows it does, so I assume it's possible with Linux. If there isn't a way to use my card, I'm open suggestions for a new one that will work.

I also need to be able to use some kind of word processor, if I can use the word xp I already have, then cool. But if there's something else I can use, I completely trust the members of this forum. The last thing I need is FireFox. I love FireFox, but if a the only light systems don't have it, then I'll live without it, my wounds will heal, eventually.

SUSE didn't work, too big. It installed, took about eight hours, and is still booting. I've given up on SUSE, I need a very very small distro that will actually work.

What is the smallest, lightest distribution in existence?

Posted by: DS2K3 May 19 2006, 11:16 AM

"Damn Small Linux" is, damn small - But comes at the expense of quite a lot of stuff. Not used it myself, and not sure if it has a GUI.

I would advise you to get acquianted with Linux on a "proper" (read: relatively average specs) computer before you try installing anything lightweight onto a laptop. Lightweight usually means more difficult, and laptops also tend to be a bit more hassle. You could use a "live cd" distribution like Knoppix to get a feel for the system. Ubuntu does run off a CD, but I really wouldnt reccomend it for learning about Linux in gerneal, since it has some curious quirks which set it apart from the others.


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