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Linuxhelp _ General Discussion _ trippy colors please help

Posted by: bem1986 Apr 7 2006, 03:11 PM

Im deffinatly new to linux.....messed around with a few live cd distros thats about it.
but once i started my lan security degree decided ide better learn it.
so, im doing a duel boot with windows xp......
so i snstalled suse 10.0 and the installation went easy and everything but when it goes to the desktop (gui)
the moniter goes nuts and displays all these trippy colors and i cant see anything. the same thing happened when i tried to install ubuntu.
im runnin a nvidia geforce 6600 gt video card and ive tried a 19 inch flat panel and a crt moniter....same thing happens
can anyone help me please
if i need drivers where can i get them???
and dont laugh or turn away but how exactly do i install them with out using the gui???
thanks sooo much

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