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Linuxhelp _ General Discussion _ Help in choosing distro

Posted by: zugu Mar 31 2006, 02:32 AM

Hello everyone.

I need some help in choosing a Linux distro.

Basically, I want a Linux OS that does the following out of the box:

Has a desktop enviroment
Plays mp3, avi, RealMedia, mpeg (and has XMMS installed, not totem-gstreamer crap)
Has a good image viewer/manager
Knows PDF
Has Opera or Firefox or both (with Flash Player plug-in)
Is not Ubuntu
Works just fine without an internet connection
Does not crash just after a fresh install
Knows how to handle various archive types (most important: rar and zip)
The bug reporting tool does not crash
Has any office suite but
Does not ask for kernel recompilation after installing a 2 kb library

What do you guys recommend?

Posted by: Mychal007 Apr 17 2006, 12:50 AM

I'm looking for a new distro as well but not sure which route to take.

Posted by: DS2K3 Apr 17 2006, 07:57 AM

The commerical version of Mandriva have all that - And the download edition has all but RealPlayer support, the Adobe PDF reader (though KDE has its own, and mandriva also ships with XPDF).

What's wrong with OpenOffice?

Posted by: g33k Jun 19 2006, 12:16 AM

I would recommend getting OpenSuSE and then install the corresponding libraries for flash,real player,MP3 etc
or you can get SuSE 10 professional smile.gif

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