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Posted by: allagappan Aug 20 2004, 03:22 PM

Hello everyone! biggrin.gif

i have redhat 9.2 installed in my system.
i need to know which version of window maker is suitable for rh 9.2.and can somebody give me step by step details how to install and configure window maker in my system.(ie installing,configuring and making wmaker come in the splash screen menu.)

Thanx in advance!

NIT Trichy

Posted by: Hemant Aug 21 2004, 07:26 PM

your senior here...(NIT Trichy.....)
Ok...when did Redhat-9.2 come...???
Anyway..the steps are three rpm packages...(libs,devel,Wmaker main...and i have it with come and collect from Lapis-03.)

Anyway...welcome to this site.

Posted by: Corey Aug 23 2004, 08:04 AM

The latest version of Windowmaker will suffice, windowmaker has recently (within the past 2 years or so) has had a very slow development cycle, however, the project is not dead. In my opinion, Windowmaker has reached the majority of the goals that were set out for it. It's a fast, stable, and easy window manager, and there's really not much more they could do with it to make it any better. So, the latest version has been around for a while, and should work on any system. The easiest method on a Redhat system is to install via. RPM's, Windowmaker should come with Redhat, if not, check for it.

If you don't use a login manager (such as gdm, kdm or xdm) you can set your system to use Windowmaker by adding "exec wmaker" to your ~/.xinitrc file.

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