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Linuxhelp _ General Discussion _ The Heat I Take

Posted by: wookmaster Jul 2 2004, 06:59 AM

I know a couple of people who are gamers and use windows. When I found out a bout linux, tried it and switched of course I told them about it. Their responses to me ditching windows and I quote one of them "what are you turning into a hippie" and a few other. So I run a community messageboard where of course I tell everyone about linux and every so often I rant about having to fix the windows machines at some of my jobs and these people who have never even seen or used linux try telling me that windows is better, of course they dont give any reasoning and even use my like for linux to make fun of some of my political opinions.

does anyone else deal with this kind of stuff? I mean its not even real arguments they come up with to them its just "windows is better cause I use it" type attitudes. Most of these people dont even know anything about windows. I challenged one IE user to run spybot but he backed out of the thread.

Posted by: Robert83 Jul 2 2004, 09:11 AM


I to get that sorta stuff, my coworker a 56 year old guy,...always tells me that it's linuxes fault if the dos program crashes somewhere on the network...and's always linux this and linux that...

but I'm used to it, it was hard in the beggining ...but now I don't give a ..... about it.

this is normal, there were , is and always will be wise guyz like these...

Robert B

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