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Linuxhelp _ General Discussion _ Winxp,2000 Built In Lan Driver Or Not?

Posted by: Robert83 Jun 27 2004, 02:54 PM


I just wanted to ask this question , what do you people think about WinXP's Win2000's LAN drivers ?

Is it better to use the manufacturers specific drivers ?

I'm starting to think about this since I only get 4-6MB/s in my (10MB/s = 100Mbit/s) lan, so I was thinking about, maybe if I would use the lan drivers provided by the network card manufacturer (Planet in my case) it would speed it up to 8-10MB/s ?

Robert B

Posted by: hughesjr Jun 27 2004, 06:12 PM

It usually doesn't make any difference which drivers you use.

Your LAN is shared. The concentrators (hubs / switches) are the choke point. Some hubs only have 1 100mbit (12.5MB/sec) segment and they share it among all ports. Some switches can make this better because the transfer more than 100mbit/sec total ... on different channels.

My transfer rate 6-7mb on my home lan with only 9 PCs ... but on my 200 PC lan at work 3-4mb is not abnormal for transfer between 2 PCs with other things also happening on the lan.

Posted by: Termina Jun 28 2004, 01:31 AM

I picked up two 8-port hubs for $10 (for both), which was pretty sweet... allowed me to connect more computers through a large area in my house.

Sadly, it was only 10 instead of 10/100. ;-_-

Talk about a choke points, depending on network conditions xfering to/from those computers range from 20k/s to 900k/s.

Which blows ass. Ever try transfering 20gigs of anime at that rate? Not fun. wink.gif

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