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Linuxhelp _ General Discussion _ This Is Going To Be Fun....

Posted by: Jim May 6 2004, 01:19 PM

I have been waiting for this for a long time, so now i am going to crisin it with mindless bable because now that its finally here I have nothing good to say.

So I am going to let this thread be the just general get started thread. Come in, say hi, tell the guys how cool you think it is that we now have a general forum. Finally a place where I can talk linux with people who actualy care as opposed to the people who just smile and not and go back to thier windows.

Posted by: Corey May 6 2004, 01:26 PM

when i was first reading your post, it sounded really sarcastic tongue.gif

i know how you feel, i think i have my teacher in school drove nuts with linux stuff. he's a windows-only guy, and he's the sys admin for the school, so the last couple of days, he's been running around like crazy with this sasser worm stuff. He said one computer in the school is causing the problems, and he can't figure out which one, i asked him if he needed any help, and he said 'sure', so i said "well, it's not on my computer cause i got linux on there, so, now you don't have to check that one". I don't think he found it too funny smile.gif

I'm surprised they let me keep linux on there, but, oh well. As long as i got MS Office on there, they don't care.

Posted by: Termina May 6 2004, 01:30 PM


Mindless Babble is good.

Speaking of which, anyone in here listen to Mindless Self Indulgance? Good band.


Posted by: Jim May 6 2004, 02:47 PM

My school has this great policy of turning off (de-authorizing) your computer's mac address if they think you have a virus. Its good because its stops it from spreading, but it makes it impossible to fix the problem since you usually need to download a patch.

Either way, they shut off my mac beacuse they thought I had the sasser virus, it took them three days to figuer out that its a freeken mac and it can't have the Sasser. I love the saftey of running mac and linux but when my school is a little slow in the head it can be a pain.

Posted by: chrisw May 6 2004, 03:53 PM

One day in band camp..........

No really.....

running linux is the best thing fees....
no worms (granted there have been some only if you run CERTAIN services), no virii, no serial keys, everything is included, you dont have
to buy extra garbage to run things...oh how sweet it is....

Running Linux.....great
Keeping money out of billy's pocket....excellent
Reading about the things in the above paragraph.....priceless

Posted by: Termina May 7 2004, 12:51 AM

Eh, Linux is OK. I prefer it over Mac and Windows. But truth be told, all Operating Systems are monsters. =(

I'm a bit curious why they'd use Windows in a school enviorment with it's history of security issues though.

At my high school, we have 98. Why? Because the 3 (yes, three) sys admin/tech people in my school district havn't been trained with anything else.

We have 1ghz machines with 98 on them (that originally had 2000), because certain people refuse to learn something new. Even slightly new.

Then, in order to keep us "safe", they disable downloding, they have a filter (that blocks out things like slashdot... evil!), and some other minor things... all of which can be solved with Poledit (which coincidently comes on the windows CD).

We don't have Word or anything which would require windows either. =/

And we can't bring laptops to school. ;-_-


And if they catch you using SSH to connect to your home computer, they call you a hacker and suspend your computer priveleges. XD

In other words: My school sucks worse than all of yalls. biggrin.gif

Posted by: Corey May 7 2004, 06:01 AM

Yeah, I guess my school isn't that strict. The proxy server does block out everything but 80, 443 and 8080, but I just use programs that access stuff through those ports.

This school is mostly made up of Windows 98 on Dell GX110's with 800MHz procs and 128 mb ram, however, each time one of these computers break, our class takes them and slaps win2k on there. I keep trying to push linux onto them, but they won't bite yet, but I have a one-year goal of turning at least one of the computer labs to 100% linux. I've already showed off Knoppix to the sys admin as well as distributed cd's to numerous teachers. Hopefully they'll bite soon.

Posted by: hughesjr May 7 2004, 07:01 AM


You are a troublemaker smile.gif

Making those guys get rid of Windows 98...

How is any self-respecting hacker going to be able to break into the college computer labs if you get them all switched to Linux?

Posted by: Corey May 7 2004, 07:14 AM

Actually, this week, it's an advantage for a lot of the computers to have Windows 98 installed on them because of the sasser worm that's going around. While, as far as i know, Win98 can still carry and distribute the worm, it doesn't do much to the system itself.

Very few colleges in my area have even heard of Linux, nevermind actually having labs with it installed. I've only started here in this school 4 months, and only started having classes with the sys admin as my teacher for the last 2, and since then, I have convinced him of the power, freedom and security of Linux. He even took the class one friday to an open source seminar that was being held up the street and he said that it was very interesting.

I'm just hoping that one of these days, he will be convinced to change over an entire lab to linux to test it out. Say, the labs that host the Office courses, and still use MS office through Wine or something. Not sure what else I can do smile.gif

Posted by: thaigrrrrl May 7 2004, 09:35 AM

I'm way out of school... but I was using unix before linux was as popular as it is now. In college, I was forced to use unix and as an avid dos user (ack I'm revealing my age here) I was more impressed with the flexibility of unix.

Now I use Linux for work - mainly because of its ease of use with what I do as a programmer. As an actual business tool - linux gui interfaces really have a ways to go. I run two workstations at my company- one linux (for programming) and one windows (for business use). I find that it is a lot easier writing documents, making flow charts and dealing with customers when I have a windows box to use at ease.

Personally I want a shiny new mac so I can use OSX... wouldn't that be nice... but unfortunately I'm also a cheap ass mofo who doesn't want to shell out the big bucks for the luxury.


Posted by: Termina May 7 2004, 10:34 AM

Bah, Mac.

Cheapness + Variety + Choice = Reason I stick to x86. *laughs*

Posted by: Jim May 8 2004, 03:06 AM

O man I love my Powerbook. I use it just like your windows station thaigrrrrl, for e-mail and documents and what not. Ironically, the only microsoft product I consistently use anymore is Mac Office. What ever.

My old HS had nice computers, some dumb jerks desided to light our media center of fire so that pretty much wiped out all the old ones, so insuance got us all nice new Dells with XP. Worked pretty well. Except for the nasty filter, but thats ok, we just tunneled everything to a buddy of mines server at home.

Round here at the UofM everything if Solaris. Almost all the labs are blade machines running Solaris, which isn't bad. There are a lot of labs running Debian to. Of course, these are just the CSci labs. The rest of the school is macs and windows.

What sucks about being in the dorms is that they wont let you host servers of any kind. So I can't use apache to access my files or anything like that. Luckily they left 21 open so I can SSH into my system. Everyone is envious of me because I run GAIM off my machine in lab wile we are doing homework. Works out pretty slick.

I just want to conclude by saying Macs rock. There really isn't anything you can do in linux that you can't do on a mac just as easy. Apache, ssh, programing, what ever. The GUI is slick, they are stable, and they are all around great machines. Linux of course kicks the apple off the cliff in price though. You can build a good linux system for a lot less than you get a mac. But hey, if you have the money, macs are a nice toy.

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