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Linuxhelp _ General Discussion _ stupid file sorting question

Posted by: Mongobit Jan 30 2015, 02:29 PM

I have a directory of pdf files covering a wide range of topics from RF to electrical engineering to programming files that i've found useful as a refrence from time to time. Organizing all of these files is getting to be to much of a chore (currently over 8200 files and 8+ gig)I recently installed Mendeley to help manage them and make it easier to find what im looking for. When I first tried to add my archive I had a lot of files that failed to load properly. I want to try loading the directory into the program again but I have a problem. Over the years I have been building this archive other formats have slipped in .exe's and .dll's from CD's found in the back of tech books and its going to be too time consuming to search through all the files manually. i'm still not comfortable enought writting my own bash scripts to do this. I have used fslint to check for and eliminate redundant files but I need to find a program or string together a bash script to scan my archive, create a clone of the file structure, copy all files that are not .pdf's into their respective locations in the cloned file structure and delete them from the original. Afterwards i'll manually check the less cluttered cloned directory and disposition whatever is their as needed. i've tried to find such a program but nothings popping up in Muon and google isn't giving me anything useful either. what say you linux folks

Posted by: michaelk Feb 3 2015, 02:19 PM

I assume that you have kept the the contents of the copied disks in separate directories? rysnc can be used to clone your archive. Once verified you can use the find command to delete non PDFs. Then I assume Mendeley will work.

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