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Posted by: Robert83 Apr 22 2014, 04:07 PM

Hi everyone,

I'm slowly moving all my guides to my own webpage...
it will take a while ... but I hope in the end it will be worth it...

I will be re-doing all of them using CentOS 6.x , plus adding a few things... etc etc

the website is


Posted by: michaelk Apr 23 2014, 05:15 PM

Looks good so far...

Posted by: Robert83 Apr 27 2014, 10:02 AM

Thank you very much :

Right now I have the following guide online :

Samba 4 Active Directory Domain Controller
SQUID Transparent proxy server (http+https) , https is really intercepted, keys re-generated...even smile.gif is unable to tell the difference, regardless what they say online about not being able to spoof...
FTP Server with User Quotas
OpenVPN Server
Static Routing example with 4 routers
RipV2 dynamic routing example with 4 routers , md5 authentication
OSPF v2 dynamic routing example with 5 routers, dual internet , if primary router dies , secondary router is automatically used , md5 authentication .

... to be continued


Posted by: robert83a1 Jun 24 2014, 03:33 PM

Hello everyone,

in the last few months (6-7 exactly) I've been working on this program , I did it initialy in Delphi XE3 using MSSQL 2008r2, but then due to some unknown urge I decided I'll redo it using FreePascal and MySQL Community Edition . And this is the end result :

The Program is 100% FREE , you are free to do whatever you wan't with it, should it prove usefull to someone please send me a mail, I will be honored smile.gif .
Roberts.planb <<<at>>>
( The Source code is not available with it, sorry ) .

You can learn more about the program here : , under Free Software you will find _planB Vehicle Management Software , you will find a
relatively Detailed Description there, how to install MySQL with Images, and how to install the Software itself. The Manual is not yet done, but it's pretty straight Forward how to use it (atleast I think so). Please be Patient since I am using a FREE account at , so the site might be slow sometimes, but the FTP where the file is hosted is fast most of the time.

Introduction :

_planB is a Vehicle management program written using to Lazarus (Free Pascal)

and MySQL Community Edition .

Features :

- Management of Mileage Log , Service , Registration , Mandatory Insurance

documents .

- Statistics : global , driver , company , mileage log , average fuel

consumption, visited places.

- Graphs : driver, vehicle .

- Reminders for : oil , tachograph , fire extinguisher , leasing , driver

health check , driver skills check , registration.

- Unlimited number of Vehicle Groups ( example : Private, Company, Warehouse,

VIP , etc. ) and Vehicles.

- One window user interface , intelligently grouped together for easy

everyday usage.

- Can handle various Regional Settings without problems.

- 100% UTF-8 (aka Unicode)

- Handles multiple users at the same time. Items are locked when modifying to

prevent database corruption.

- Simple user rights :

- administrator : unlimited access to program features

- user : the one doing all the work , cannot add new users, view program

statistics or unlock locked items.

- guest : can only view statistics

- Can export almost every table to EXCEL (2003 level) even without Excel being


- Can automatically resize tables to correct size to fit data being displayed,

almost every table supports quick search.

- Can print out every report to printer , or export to PDF . With Mileage Log

Stats it can even mass export all vehicles in selected group to Excel file.

- Uses MySQL Community Edition which is absolutely FREE.

- Was written with Lazarus 1.2.2 using only FREE components.

- Logs usage stats

- Multilingual , right now : English, Hungarian, Serbian(Latin), German is

supported .

- All program related settings are stored in config files NOT in registry.

- Tested on Windows XP,7,8,8.1 . (Windows 9x series not supported)


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