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Linuxhelp _ General Discussion _ My cronjob with wget

Posted by: oracle765 Jan 8 2014, 08:17 AM

Hi All

I have a CRONJOB like so which basically tries to download a csv from a website who provide me with the full url

* * * * * /home/oracle765/public_html/scripts/

Which runs this .SHFILE

/usr/bin/wget -O "/home/oracle765/public_html/feed/crazysales.csv" "$Aspa1hOXb8Yzlm7at4KOk4uyktvrtreLs8qHktLey$bT$9fCjt7m2uvn79YfvluHFssOl2vfSlK6Dfg==/";

Problem is it comes across the $ sign(i think) and cuts part of the url away so i only get a blank CSV file the url above ends up like this one below, I have had a look and it looks
like something to do with the 2 dollar signs not showing the url characters between in between them


Hope this make sense
I have put the --- before the http so it does not post as a link
any ideas

thanks in advance

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