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Linuxhelp _ Polls _ What Distro Do You Hate?

Posted by: Jim Oct 27 2005, 02:11 AM

Obviuosly that is a short list, but it includes all the major ones, at least all the major ones I could think off. Its hard to hate the little ones that aren't unique in any real way. Plus, I am limited to ten options. So, let the flame war begin.

Posted by: Jim Oct 27 2005, 02:17 AM

Ubuntu, it has to be Ubuntu for me. What kind of crazy ass crappy linux distro doesn't come with make, GCC or the C libraries? What is this thing good for? I know, I know, its a binary based distro, you aren't supposed to be compiling programs. But there are going to be programs that you are going to want that aren't going to be in the binary library. So then way, you have to install all the stuff you need to compile them.

This is linux folks, the land of source code, how do you make a distro that can't deal with source code? I know it includes g++, but thats worthless with out the c libraries and make. Thats like telling me to dig a hole then giving me a shovel with no handle. Thanks.

The grub manager blows too. It was nice enough to notice my Gentoo system during install. Then when I ran update and got a new kernel version, it re-wrote the grub.conf file and deleted my gentoo entry. Screw that. In the few short hours I tried to get it working on my systems it was nothing but one stupid problem after another. And you can get absolutly nothing done at 680x420 which was the only resolution I could get my monitor to run at. And I sure as hell can't install my video drivers without make, gcc, kernel source, c libraries and a host of other things that don't come with it.

Ubuntu is a bad distro, and they are all delusional, Linux isn't even close to being ready for "human beings" if by human beings they mean the general population. Go home and work on a real linux distro.

Posted by: DS2K3 Oct 27 2005, 04:12 PM

Linspire - Any distribution which allows people to do day-to-day stuff as root should be burned. Not only that, but it has a stupid stupid stupid name.

I am inclined to agree on the Ubuntu front. sure, it looks nice before you llog in - But then you get Gnome. I normally try and keep clear of commenting on the KDE/Gnome divide, but Gnome really sucks. I mean, do I really want 2cm between all the icons on my desktop? NO! Do I want all my folders to open in a new window? NO!

Continuing to moan about Ubuntu, who thought that BROWN was a suitable colour for a desktop? I mean, ugh! And what's with the weird voodoo people dancing in a ring? (As kindly pointed out my best friend Harri, one of the girls on the "warty warthog" release has a nipple erection). Ubuntu would be nice if it wasnt brown, and if it used KDE. It works quite nicely, it's just a bitch to actually use (although most of that is because of Gnome).

Fedora annoys me sometimes - But only because a) There is no MPEG support (blame America, like usual) and cool.gif The package manager doesnt let you install individual libraries, only complete packages that they deem suitable for installation (I think i'm just being harsh and comparing it to Mandriva and Gentoo, both of which have excellent package managers).


Posted by: Jim Oct 27 2005, 04:24 PM

Linspire/Lindows would have been my pick before I tried installing Ubuntu. You should never allow the user to run as root (you also should be like Ubuntu and not have the root account enabled).

I just remember what whats-his-name in charge of Linspire said that all of us who say that root shouldn't be used for day-to-day stuff just say that and have no idea why. So my buddies and I promptly started a list on the board of very very good reasons why you shouldn't run as root. I believe I also started a thread here about that.

I guess I just hate Ubuntu more now because everyone loves it so much and its really really sucks.

Posted by: DS2K3 Oct 28 2005, 05:38 AM

Yeh, there's a thread in the staff forum about why you shouldn't run as root.

I'm not too fond of Ubuntu's "you cant use root" feature, there are sometimes good excuses for doing things as root.


Posted by: Hemant Oct 29 2005, 01:14 AM

I voted for Linspire though, but still i hate most of the distros. I am a programmer by profession, so i like my installation to be up and running in few minutes so that i don't have to waste hours in configuring the system and installing the system.

And because of this i hate Gentoo. All this power user stuff makes nice sound bites, but you can try Gentoo if you have lots of free time, which i dont have!! Last time i did a install of Gentoo, my notebook was badly screwed up and it took almost entire weekend to clean it up. Also, i hate reading manuals and i hate distros that make me do that.

No matter, which distro i try, somehow i end up as a Redhat loyalist.So right now i am using FC-4. All that Fedora bloat is there, but i have removed lots of services and i use apt for installing binary packages.And, this is a pretty good distro for developers, you have all the libraries and all the stuff you need.Multimedia support sucks, but after installing, few plugins things are fine.

As just someone said something about GNOME, i would like to point few things... KDE runs really slow compared to Gnome. All that eye candy makes it crawl. so you are better off using KDE, unless you have a gig of ram. Also, take it or leave it - Gnome is industry standard for Desktop Linux. The dual licensing of "Qt" and GPLed nature of KDE and kdelibs, scares the corporated people away.At best KDE is a bloat.

PS: you can configure nautilus, so that it opens all the directories in the same window.

Posted by: Jim Oct 29 2005, 02:58 AM

As a loyal Gentoo fan I just have to say this to your complaints about Gentoo, I hear you and agree. There is no way around it. Gentoo sucks for the first two weeks. But I had the time to spare when I set it up, so I am very happy with it now.

You're right, KDE has a lot of bloat to it with the eye candy, but besides having a gig of RAM in my system, you can turn a lot of it off, and I do.

I don't really have anything against Fedora except the media support which I completely understand and since its the same complaint everybody has about Fedora its nothing special.

And o ya, you can turn the root account on in Ubuntu and I did.

Posted by: DS2K3 Oct 29 2005, 12:51 PM

If you do a Stage3 Gentoo isntallation, and use GRP for packages like X and KDE, you can install it in a few hours. Having said that, I dont bother. One Gentoo installation is quite enough for me, and that's on my server. I was going to install Gentoo on my desktop, but once I had re paritioned, I decided against it (I bork things too often, and reinstalling Gentoo would make me cry) and stuck Mandriva back on.

Posted by: Corey Nov 1 2005, 10:24 PM

oh my god, the Ubuntu bashing!? Let me chime in here for a bit.

Okay, first off, i have to say that i have been a long-time debian fan, however, i got to the point where i was getting pissed off at the out-datedness of the distro. Sure, it was great for servers, but not so great for desktops. I know, they have the testing/unstable trees, but i found that testing just felt like it was a distro that was patched together, and unstable often ran into trouble for me. That is why i switched to Gentoo. Gentoo was great for my needs, but after a while, i got sick of it. Then i didn't know what to do. I got into SUSE for a while, and while i loved it, I felt i didn't have control over anything.

Then....ubuntu came to the scene, and i was blown away. Ubuntu is the Debian i was looking for. I don't know why you guys are bitching so much about it, it has everything you could ever want in a distribution. I know the Grub bootloader isn't the prettiest, but that's minor. Ubuntu feels like the binary version of Gentoo, with it's look&feel as well as its community behind it.

This gripe about the development tools, I have no idea what you're talking about it, i have never had a problem with this. I know it probably doesn't include development tools in the default install, but you can just apt-get install it, no biggy.

As for the brown desktop theme, i kinda like it for gnome, however, i don't run gnome with ubuntu, i use kubuntu. It has a nice blue theme smile.gif

Anyways, i'm not bashing anyone's opinions, i'm just pointing out my experiences. I find K/Ubuntu an excellent distribution for server and desktop usage, and I intend on sticking with it for a long time.

Oh yeah, and it's the ONLY distribution that everything with my laptop worked immediatly!! I couldn't believe how hard that was to find.

Posted by: as2100 Nov 1 2005, 10:57 PM

The only distribution in the list to serve nobody else than pirates.

The other distributions have an actual, considerable potential in progressing the open source community.

The arguable ones:
Ubuntu: A damned complete distro for the office and home with a fair amount of Linux fun. Not necessarily the most technical- but I haven't tried out many distros quite as complete and ready to use with all the "necessary" tools. An easy switch for someone wanting to try out Linux.
Linspire: Provides a very easy switch for Windows users to a much greater extent than Ubuntu. Has what Windows users are comfortable with, and nearly spoonfeeds them.

These attributes are not necessarily important to myself when choosing a distribution, they do provide a noteworthy step towards Linux progression.

Mandrake (to me) feels to be multimedia-oriented. Considering Linux's open source (free) mentality, this seems to really attract the same people that are interested in the idea that all media should be free. This isn't very positive for Linux in my opinion.

Posted by: DS2K3 Nov 2 2005, 11:03 AM

The internationalisation of Mandriva is IMO second-to-none, it supports a huge number of languages right out the box, and is the only distribution I have ever got Japanese text input working under.

Mandrake (to me) feels to be multimedia-oriented. Considering Linux's open source (free) mentality, this seems to really attract the same people that are interested in the idea that all media should be free. This isn't very positive for Linux in my opinion.

I'm not sure how that works - How is an opensource music player any more an endorsement of priate media than one you have to pay for? It has a lot of multimedia components, but that's just because most people use their PC as a multimedia system nowadays... Mandrake has a lot of packages full stop, so naturally there would be a lot of media players.


Posted by: as2100 Nov 2 2005, 11:50 AM

It isn't necessarily the media _players_ that I'm talking about. I'm thinking more about some legally questionable software like ffmpeg, transcode, etc. Freely distributed software that potentially breaks copyright agreements. Just an opinion here, but I don't see anything notably different about Mandriva, compared to other RPM based distros, than the fact that it really pushes this media face.

Posted by: DS2K3 Nov 2 2005, 01:40 PM

I tihnk the only reason that other distributions dont include "questionale" libraries is because most of them are US-based. Mandriva is french, and therefore not subject to US regulations about the export of certain things, including MP3 and certain types of encryption. In europe, software (still, thanks to the recent EU ruling) cannot be patented - This means that things like MPEG encoders can be freely inplemented without fear of legal problems. I admint that maybe things like the win32 codes shouldnt be packaged (since they actually use MS code) but things like LAMe are new implementations, that use an existing standard. As far as I am aware, Mandriva dont pakcage software that isnt completely free, and certianly the win32 codecs package has to be downloaded from the "Penguin Liberation Front" repository, which is an unofficial package source. Having said that, I dont think using the win32 codecs package or the dvd-decryption undermines the media creators in anyway, it is just bringing existing technologies to Linux.

The difference between Mandriva and, say, Fedora, is the excellent configuration suite. It virtually removes the need to use the command line for configuration at all. The package manger is also excellent, and provides all the power of urpmi with a friendly GUI (unlike the Fedora package manger which is not especially useful).


Posted by: Joshua Nov 17 2005, 09:53 PM

Linspire - Any distribution which allows people to do day-to-day stuff as root should be burned. Not only that, but it has a stupid stupid stupid name.

That's because M$ sued the crap out of them tongue.gif

I haven't tried too many distros, but I know I don't like Mandriva's packaging system.

Posted by: docmur Dec 31 2005, 10:57 AM

personally I have to agree with ubuntu, i like it and just like most people in this forum I took some time when it first came out and bad mouthed it but then I just remembered that I'm not the best linux used. I mean I'm okay or maybe a little better then okay but not pro. So all think considered I have to say ubuntu for me, I've tried Sues, Gentoo, Mandriva, Red Hat and still I pick ubuntu there is something about it's ease of use and the all around way it handles that I like, it's also really good for learning more which is something i do alot of in linux so to spite the norm I also have to pick Ubuntu

Posted by: Hemant Jan 2 2006, 09:50 AM

Guess, which distro i am running nowadays...

whoa..its gentoo, it took me around 2 weeks to install. smile.gif
But i was just pissed up with all the crowd there. I tried Suse-10.0, what a lousy piece of OS man..they have mixed KDE and you have both KDE and Gnome daemons running all the time.Some thousand services...on my laptop with 512MB of DDR2 RAM and PCI was like a crawling(with DMA enabled)
It runs following processes, whether you need it or not:


boy what a mess....will never try anything like that...

Posted by: Napalm Jan 16 2006, 07:08 AM

lol i hated ubuntu, it wrecked XP and made it impossable to install any other OS, in the end i QT parted everything and started over, im not going back to it,

I now have Gentoo 2005.1 but i dont know if i have a GUI on it lol, if i do would someone please point me as to what to type to get a nice fancy gui lol

Posted by: DS2K3 Jan 16 2006, 10:21 AM

IMO, all operating systems should do their best to eradicate Windows XP (it's less liekly to be an Ununtu problem, and more likely to be a dodgy partition table or MBR to begin with though).

If you have X isntalled, then "startx" should start your GUI. If not, then you will need to emerge it. Consult the instllation docs, and if possible use GRP or binary packages to save yourself a considerable amount of time.


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