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Posted by: Corey May 9 2005, 08:56 AM

I think this is an interesting question. I have been using Linux steadily since probably 1999, and for the longest time, I kept feeling bad for taking so much and not giving back to the community. Eventually I found little ways to help out.

I'm interested to know in what ways everyone else has helped out. And, in no way is it bad if you haven't contributed anything to the community, some people to lack the skills needed, and that's fine. Even if you answer a couple questions on these forums alone you're giving back to the community.

So, here are a few ways i've contributed:

- The big one i'd say. You all know it.
- - Contributed patches for new features, contributed ideas to the authors, provided some tech support in the bug tracker.
- - Created initial Gentoo ebuild, althought someone from Gentoo has "taken" it over.
- - A pretty much useless collection of php scripts to display Quake3 server info on a webpage. Has an 8.32 rating on freshmeat....with one vote. I'm not quite sure how that one person gave it an 8.32 rating, but oh well.

That's all i can really remember now, over the years i'm sure there were more. I seem to remmeber contributing code elsewhere, jsut don't recall right now.

Posted by: DS2K3 May 9 2005, 09:09 AM

Well, mainly this site. But I often help people on other forums with Linux-related tihngs, and PHP. Then there is the ceeasless "dump IE for firefox" and "dump Windows for Linux" which I tend to say quite a lot. Genreally, i try and release PHP scripts I write under the GPL too. O - And I made wallpapers and stuck them on (which is of course, a very important task).


Posted by: Hemant May 12 2005, 10:15 AM

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