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Linuxhelp _ Hardware Support _ flash drive suddenly read only

Posted by: jserry Jan 24 2009, 09:48 AM

I was using my Kingston flash drive without problem on a colleague's computer (very small laptop) with linux. Then suddenly (yesterday), after I saved a Word file made with Open Office (which I had done many times before with this computer and flash drive without problems), the flash drive became READ ONLY (actually "sola lettura" as the computer is in Italy where I am currently on tour.) It was suddenly no longer possible to save or eliminate files from the flash drive on the linux computer. ALSO, The newly saved filE was corrupted when opened. (It always produced a window asking for filter settings - character, language, etc. - and when opened it was just 2 pages of a single letter - not the text which I had actually written.) Today I have checked the flash drive on a computer with Windows (at a library in Bologna, Italy) and the flash drive is normal. I can save and delete files (e.g., I got rid of the corrupted one and saved a new one) so that suggests that there is some setting that must be adjusted on the little linux laptop that I will still be using (at the apartment where I am staying.) I guess that I might have accidentally clicked on something during the saving procedure yesterday (accidentyally activated the touch pad and caused some setting to be changed), but I don't know for sure and, after a lot of searching around, I can not find a way to restore normal communications between my flash drive and the linux based computer. Please help.

John Serry

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