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Linuxhelp _ Hardware Support _ Uninstall Grub/Ubuntu?

Posted by: AlbertJ Aug 3 2008, 12:47 AM

I'm very new to Ubuntu/Linux (I have the Gutsy Gibbons distro), and I need to replace my harddrive.

I currently have XP installed on my master hd, and I've partitioned my slave hd to install ubuntu. However, Grub seems to have overwritten a part of my master hd's boot sector so that when I try to boot without that secondary hd, it looks for grub and can't find it.

I haven't been able to create proper boot disks for XP or find any good fdisk utilities to try and rewrite the 'grubbed' sector. Can anyone give me a nice simple explanation of how to uninstall linux/grub so that I can replace that hd?

Posted by: michaelk Aug 3 2008, 10:56 AM

grub is looking for a file called menu.lst which is typically located in /boot/grub. You can remove grub from the MBR via XPs recovery console command fixmbr from the installation disk. Lacking a
installation disk you can use a win 98 emergency boot disk with the fdisk utility and run the command:
fdisk /mbr

Posted by: AlbertJ Aug 3 2008, 03:12 PM

Thanks! I went the win98 disk route, and it worked perfectly!

Note: for anyone else stumbling across this post-- if you try to use the 98 fdisk utility while windows xp is running, you'll get an incorrect ms-dos version error. That is ok. Just reboot your computer with the boot disk in your floppy drive. This will run the win98 version of msdos at start-up. From there you can run fdisk no problem.

Also Note: Grub seems to have made a note on my primary hard drive that the secondary was to be considered the primary. So when I ran fdisk the first time with the old hard drive still installed, it formatted the secondary drive. Removing that drive and rebooting/re"fdisk"ing fixed that issue.

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