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Posted by: bmxmike Jan 19 2008, 02:24 AM

Ok so I have a Toshiba laptop that is running Windows Vista. I have installed VMware6 on it and have got Ubuntu fully installed in it. My problem is that i can't get it to see my wireless card. It see's my ethernet port but not the wireless. Is there anything i can do to make it see the wireless card or since it's running in the VMware is that going to throw me problems? One of my professors talked about going through some stuff with NSlookup and wraping the drive or something so that both windows would see it and Linux.

Posted by: DS2K3 Jan 20 2008, 12:19 PM

VMware does not provide direct hardware access. I seriously doubt Linux can see your ethernet card, it is far more likely it is seeing the virtual card that VMware provides. If that is the case, then using the virtual card will probably allow you acess to any networks that your laptop is connected to (depending on how VMware is set up).

VMware has several network modes:
- Host only - Means that the virtual machine can only communicate with the local machine (and other virtual machines running on it)
- NAT - Will allow full access, but your virtual machines will share an IP with the host machine
- Bridged - Your virtual machines act like individual machines on the network (I think this is the default)


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