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Linuxhelp _ Hardware Support _ N00b needs help with FC 8 please!

Posted by: optyks Nov 13 2007, 05:57 PM

Well, i got my Fedora Core 8 DVD in the mail today, so i popped it into my computer (that... used to run Windows XP) and proceeded through the setup. Well, I didnt know what i was doing i guess and it deleted everything on my harddrive.
Thats the first problem, but not my main one.

The other (and main problem for this thread) is that i have a Belkin Wireless G +MIMO adaptor on that computer, but i dont know if its compatible with FC8 or not. Are there drivers i could get somewhere to help me connect to the net through it, or do i need a whole new Wireless adaptor?

Thanks tons for the help in advance!

Posted by: michaelk Nov 14 2007, 08:48 PM

A quick google did not provide any hopeful answers. If the adapter is not recognize then you can try ndiswrapper.

Posted by: optyks Nov 14 2007, 08:59 PM

Yeah i downloaded ndiswrapper, but i know absolutely nothing about how to install it and all that.... Are there any complete beginner tutorials for it?

EDIT ok sorry. Ive been googling a lot and ive learned much. I thought i sucessfully installed ndiswrapper. I went through the steps.. Logged in as root, and installed it. Yet when i try

ndiswrapper -i /home/Falkon/<mydriver>

It returns
bash ndiswrapper command not found

Did i do something wrong? I have kernels installed on my system from the beginning. Other than that, everything is pretty much new and untouched.

Posted by: michaelk Nov 15 2007, 12:49 PM

If the location of ndiswrapper is not in the path environment then you will this error. How did you log in as root? If using su then you should use su -. This will use
roots environment instead of the user.

Posted by: optyks Nov 15 2007, 11:19 PM

I logged in as su -. ... Yeah dunno what else. But im also running into problems where the drivers for my card are just executables, and dont have the sys, etc. files. So im just going to skip this, and i ordered a CAT5e cable... Will it work if i just wire my computer to the modem i have that way? i think i heard something about certain modems not being compatible with FC. So i dunno. Ill google for more info.

Thanks for the help!

Posted by: michaelk Nov 17 2007, 07:48 AM

You should not have any problems connecting to your modem via ethernet.

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