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Linuxhelp _ Hardware Support _ Notebook battery problem

Posted by: docmur Feb 1 2007, 02:31 PM

Ya so this problem is odd. My node book is kinda old not sure what year because I bought it used but it's a 533 AMD. I used it for like 5 months then gave it to my friend well 2 weeks after she has it I get a call saying the battery is not work, she can only run it off the adapter. So I don't really care and don't know what to say. But now I have the notebook and she's right the battery isn't working. The adapter will charge the batter to 100% but I have to run it off the adapter other wise the laptop will just turn off. I can't even start it with out the adapter. ??? I have no clue what could be wrong because I've never seen a case where the battery can charge and be reconized charging in debian and then not work. Anyone have any clue what could be wrong.

Posted by: michaelk Feb 6 2007, 09:01 PM

Your problem still might be related to a bad battery.

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