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Linuxhelp _ Hardware Support _ SATA Controller Card on PowerPC (PPC) Linux

Posted by: kaireapr Sep 21 2006, 12:35 PM

I recently purcahsed an old Dual 450 MHz CPU Mac G4 tower off of eBay to be my dorm room server (web/ftp/samba/mail/etc.) and have a few SATA drives that I'd like to install in it. The problem with this notion is that there is no SATA controller built-in (on the motherboard) and there is no SATA controller card in the G4.

I did a bit of Google searching for SATA RAID and controller PCI cards and found quite a good number that are compatible with Linux. It is not specified whether they are compatible with x86 Linux or PPC Linux, though!

The card I'm eyeballin' is this:

My question is this: Will any PCI card that is compatible with Linux be compatible with Linux for both PPC and x86 architecture, or do the x86 and PPC platforms require different hardware?

Specifically: Is the card that I provded a link to [above] compatible with PPC Linux?

Any help will be appreciated. smile.gif

Posted by: DS2K3 Sep 24 2006, 09:07 AM

You should be more worried about whether it is compatible with the PPC box that you have. If it works with the hardware itself, then Linux *should* be OK, provided that the interfce works the same on both hardware platforms.


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