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Posted by: GreenAdder Mar 7 2004, 12:50 AM

According to the back of my monitor, it's a MAG 786N. When I decided to change the settings in Gnome, the only MAG 786 drivers they had were for the 786FD. My questions are:

Is this the same driver? I'm still using generic monitor drivers right now.

Will I gain any improvement (performance or otherwise) by switching to specific monitor drivers over the generic ones? I'm running at 1280x1024 and everything looks alright to me.

Thanks in advance.

Posted by: hughesjr Mar 8 2004, 08:51 AM

The only real thing that matters concerning a monitor is it's refresh rate and horizontal scan settings.

If you know the correct values for those, you can manually enter them in the /etc/X11/XF86Config file.

What you are likely to get is a higher scan /refresh rate at the selected resolution ... but if you are not having any problems and like the resolution now, you don't have to change it.

If you don't know your monitors scan rate, you can usually look it up on the web .... I couldn't find any specs for MAG 786N ... only MAG 786FD.

I would write an e-mail to MAG Innovision and ask them for the minimum and maximum Refresh Rate and Horizontal Scan Rate for the MAG 786N ... thier e-mail is:

Or maybe here:

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