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Posted by: modplod Jan 24 2004, 12:28 PM

I am unable to install mandrake 9.2. My pc boots from the cd-rom and goes through the various checks. when it gets to my raid controller it stops and then says lost interrupt and hangs....
I know the disks are good because i had it installed before the raid was introduced.

I have an ecs L7VTA m/b, 512 333mhz DDR ram, geforce 4 Ti4200 128mb video, AMD 1800+ cpu, adaptec 1200a raid card, 2x WD 80 gig h/d's, a maxtor 40 gig h/d, an 8m/b fujitsu h/d, samsung cd writer, generic dvd rom and a s/b live card, ethernet is a Via rhine on the motherboard.

I lokked at the adaptec site and they said the raid card wouldn't work with linux but the mandrake site says it does. is there any way to install linux ignoring the the raid array putting it on one of the other hard drives and booting from a floppy?

any help would be greatly appreciated

Posted by: hughesjr Jan 25 2004, 08:41 AM

I have done some research on this card in the past and I just did some more ...

You might be able to get stable RAID performance with this card via the drivers at this

It would require that you flash the Adaptec BIOS with a different BIOS from Highpoint ... if it didn't work, you should be able to flash the BIOS back to the Adaptec version.

I would advise caution (there might be issues ... test it for a while and if everything works, then put important stuff on it, etc.).

I would only recommend even trying this if Linux is the only OS ... you plan on dual booting this machine and sharing the RAID array with windows I would not recommend it ... instead, doing what you have already suggested ... installing linux on another drive and not using the RAID is a much better choice.

Make sure NOT to update the MBR (Master Boot Record) and only make the Linux partition bootable ... then boot from a floppy (or CD) when you want to run Linux.

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